bulgaria property

Conditions and legal requirements for real estate purchases in Bulgaria

Purchase of land
Foreign companies and citizens can buy land in Bulgaria only through a Trade Company (Ltd liability) formed in Bulgaria. The company will buy the land, and the company will be 100% owned by the respective foreign persons. Bulgarian participation in the company is not necessary at all. The owner of the company can be its manager as well.

Purchase of buildings
Once you have set up a company, you can buy buildings or apartments without any restrictions.

Completion of Purchase
The buyer becomes full owner of the property at the moment, when the final purchase contract is made out at the notary’s office. The contract/title deeds are prepared by a solicitor and certified via the notary. After the signing of the contract in front of the notary it has to be filed in the special property register in the local Regional court. This will then be logged at the Bulgarian equivalent of the Land Registry.

During all these processes, you will be accompanied by a translator, who will explain everything involved in great detail, so that you are aware at all stages of the process.

The contract is made out in Bulgarian so as to qualify as a legitimate contract under Bulgarian law, you are also given a translated into English copy.