Miami Beach Condos

Miami Beach Condos: Tips For Getting Approved

Miami Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the world. There are different beaches and the most popular in the Miami Beach area is South Beach. The weather is warm almost all year round and the beautiful sunny weather combined with exciting nightclubs and popular restaurants makes it easy to see why thousands of people travel to the area every month. Continue reading “Miami Beach Condos: Tips For Getting Approved” »

Myrtle Beach Real Estate

Myrtle Beach Real Estate: A Great Place for Your Next Home

Myrtle Beach is an absolutely beautiful city along South Carolina’s Gold Coast. Many people are looking to move to this great location. These folks are searching for Myrtle Beach real estate that is beautiful and affordable. There is a multitude of information available on the internet, which can make searching for the best beachfront property deals pretty overwhelming. The best way to find the best deals is through a online foreclosure auction site, such as where you can find properties listed at a fraction of their market value. Continue reading “Myrtle Beach Real Estate: A Great Place for Your Next Home” »

U.S. real estate

Investment Real Estate in America

In the 21st century, an ever growing number of men and women are electing to make the purchase of investment real estate in the United States. This includes both residents of the U.S. as well as people living abroad who wish to become a part of the generally burgeoning U.S. real estate marketplace. Continue reading “Investment Real Estate in America” »

Chicago Real Estate Companies

Only 12 percent of Chicago Real Estate Companies are looking to hire

In a survey of real estate CFOs and senior comptrollers conducted by the Chicago-based financial advisory firm Grant Thornton LLP, only 12 percent said their company will increase hiring in the next six months and nearly two-thirds, 63 percent, plan to reduce bonuses. Continue reading “Only 12 percent of Chicago Real Estate Companies are looking to hire” »

Tuscan Hills Townhomes Orlando Florida

Tuscan Hills Townhomes Orlando Florida

Townhomes with HEATED PRIVATE POOLS….NEW CONCEPT!!!!! 3 Bed with private pool were $278,500 4 Bed $305,100 5 Bed $326,800. Save well over $50,000 on a similiar detatched home but enjoy equally good rental income. The townhomes are arranges in courtyard settings with 6 houses around each courtyard. Continue reading “Tuscan Hills Townhomes Orlando Florida” »