New Condo

Tips on How to Inspect a New Condo

Before you move into your new home, be sure to carefully inspect it to see if it really matches your needs and preferences. Performing a home inspection in a new condo launch gives you peace of mind that you are investing your hard earned money to the right property. No matter how well-decorated or well-furnished your condo is, or how near it is to your new work, hiring a licensed inspector is still a must. He or she can give you a comprehensive report of the interior and exterior of the unit, its operating system, and even the kind of services that the management offers. For a more detailed guideline, below are some of the inspection factors you cannot miss when planning to invest into a new condo launch.

Check documents of the condo

Spend time to do research on the condominium reports for the past few months to see if there are any signs of maintenance or repair problems. Some companies even provide proof of major structural costs or the fees on the incurred and repairs made. Use the report to see if maintenance on the report has been performed. If after maintenance the damage is still visible, it could be an indication that the company lacks fund to provide quality repair services.


On the report of your inspector, see if he or she has inspected all exposed pipes for leaks. Broken pipes could cause you problems such as water spots, peeling wall paints, or corrosion that could damage the appearance of the home. In case there are exposed pipes in your basement, ensure that there’s warm air circulating throughout the area. You also have to check if the sinks, tubs, and showers have drain screens as hair, bits of soap, or other debris can immediately cause clogs.

Inspect a New Condo

Air conditioning

Does your new condo have proper ventilation and quality air conditioning system? Keep in mind that your comfort should be your utmost priority at home. The weather condition in Singapore can sometimes be hot and humid so you need to make sure that you will be able to relax at home all year round. If air conditioning is already available, check if the ducts are regularly cleaned and if filters are changed. The information on the electrical panel should also be included in your inspector’s report.

Electrical Outlets

Aside from the air conditioning, other appliances and outlets should also be inspected. Your inspector should also check of all appliances are in good working condition or needs to be replaced. He’ll even examine the working order as well as placement of the ground fault circuit interrupters for your safety. Smoke alarms and other security features should also be checked.

Doors and windows

Other security features you cannot miss are windows and doors. Peepholes and door locks must be evaluated properly. Seals should also be installed to prevent air from either entering or leaving the condo. Moreover, the windows should offer enough ventilation and natural light so you can save more with your electricity bills.

Inspect a New Condo

Floors and ceiling

See if there is any staining on the ceilings, as it can be an indication that plumbing has leaks from above. The flooring should also not have any loose tiles or loose carpeting.

Having your home inspected gives you enough idea whether you really want a home or not. It also lets you prepare if you need to allocate time and budget on renovation or repair. In case you want a new launch condo that is well furnished and of the highest quality, be sure to contact SOL today! Visit their website to learn more about their services.