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3 Hot Areas For Beachfront Real Estate in the Philippines

The Philippines is a collection of over seven thousand islands in the Western Pacific Ocean, south of Taiwan and Northeast of the island of Borneo. Despite allegations of corruption and semi-frequent natural disasters on some islands, if you know where to look you can find Filipino beachfront real estate in areas that are safe and where the people are friendly and speak nearly perfect English. Here are four of the best areas to find beachfront property in  Cebu, Boracay and Palawan.


Cebu is an island in the middle of the Philippines and is home to the nation’s second largest city, second largest airport, and largest seaport. Because of the amount of people in the city, property here is not very cheap. However, the area is much more easily accessible to outside flights, with direct connections to most of the major Asian hubs every day, making getting to any beachfront property you buy here much easier. The area is a short ferry ride from many other pristine locations, including the island of Bohol, and is a highly sought after destination for both divers and tourists. For the comforts of a big city with the setting of a beach, beachfront property is Cebu is worth it.

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Boracay is one of the most popular destinations in the Philippines for tourists and for good reason. It’s white sand beach is reportedly one of the world’s best. There are also any number of water sports to be found at this beach, from diving to kite boarding. There’s a fairly new lifeguard service that’s been introduced, which started in March 2008, and the nearby international airport is getting a serious facelift to accommodate some larger planes, and giving it easier access to regional hubs like Singapore, Manila, and Taipei. With the exception of the rainy season from June through October which brings the risk of typhoons, there is good weather and tourists galore making this a great location to own property.

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Palawan is an archipelago of over 1,700 islands located in the South China Sea, but is dominated by the large island of the same name. It is the eco-tourism destination of the future for the Philippines. There is a huge, long coastline protected from the seasonal typhoon, four marine sanctuaries, and even two world heritage sites. On top of this, the island is very close to the financial centers of Singapore and Hong Kong. However, what is holding Palawan back right now is a lack of infrastructure. There are daily flights from the island’s main city of Puerto Pincesa to Manila, but travel up to the northern city of El Nido takes seven hours by bus over bumpy roads. El Nido does have an airport, but service is not consistent. Once better infrastructure is built on this amazing island, property prices will skyrocket.

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For all of its problems, the Philippines contain some of the most beautiful beaches and scenery in the world. If you’re a fan of watersports, you’ll never find yourself with nothing to do in this amazing country. Make sure that you’re aware of all the risks before investing in any property and enjoy your own private island paradise!