5 Unexpected Cool Things You Can Do in Dubai

Dubai can be described only in superlatives. But even then things need to be seen to be believed. This is not just the city of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, or the Palm Jumeirah, the world’s biggest artificial island and a true marvel of modern engineering. There is always something new in the making, something that will amaze everyone and anyone. To put it plainly, the city’s mission is to outdo itself.

The following list doesn’t take you to the designated tourist’s roads, the ones followed by most people that come in Dubai. But on places that have their vibe that resonated with free-spirited folks.

Underwater Yoga at Atlantis’s Lost Chamber

Doing yoga surrounded by the sea is one of the most humbling, tranquil experience. Even if you are not into yoga, sit there for a while and absorb the zen of the surrounding. There is something magical in the place, especially when a giant tuna swims by or some eagle rays.

Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

Even though this isn’t verified, the Dubai Miracle Garden is considered as the world’s biggest flower garden. And how can’t be when it is spread over 18 acres of space and features over 60 million blooms.

Ski Dubai

The only word that can describe Ski Dubai is “Surreal”. This massive indoor winter ski center is the first of its kind in the Middle East. To be able to go skiing on snow in the middle of the desert sounds like science fiction, but it isn’t. Ski Dubai has a freestyle snowboard zone, five ski runs, space for a snow toboggan and snowball fights. And yes, there is fresh snow all year long.

Check out the Dubai Coffee Museum

If you are a coffee lover, then you will find this museum not just exceptional, but very educational. And while you learn about the history of coffee, you can taste various roasting and brewing styles from various parts of the world. The museum includes six different rooms where you can enjoy a different cup of coffee.

Visit the Dubai Spice Souk

This traditional market is home to more than 150 retailers that sell spices, soaps, herbs, and much more. Most of the sellers will be more than happy to educate you on the origin of the spices they are selling. Many of them have been dealing with spices for more than two decades. All in all, the spice souk is a delight to all of the senses and something that need to be experienced when in Dubai. The market is located just next to the Gold Souk.

Dubai Airport Transfers

Dubai airport transfers options include bus, underground, taxi, rent-a-car, and welcome pickups. As expected, underground and bus tickets are cheapest, just $2. Taxi to downtown Dubai costs around $45. Renting a car is by far the most expensive options, and prices vary from one to another car rental company. Welcome Pickups is a company that allows online booking, offers flat fees, and English speaking driver that will wait for you at your gateway exit.