Costa Rica Condo Rentals

Costa Rica Condo Rentals: Ideal for Vacationing or Investment

Costa Rica is the most visited country in the Caribbean. Over two billion US dollars is spent on tourism here every year by people who come for one or several of the country’s incredibly scenic attractions. There are very few places in the world that are as diverse as Costa Rica within such a small area. There are miles of white sand beaches along two coasts, volcanoes, and scenic mountains. In a few days you can hike through cloud forests, go river rafting, and experience some of the best scuba diving in the world at a fraction of the price you would pay for such activities in the United States. Costa Rica is also a great discount golf vacations destination as well. Whether you are just going to Costa Rica for a short holiday, or are trying to buy a property that you can use for an investment, Costa Rica condo rentals are sure to not leave you disappointed.

If you’re vacation plans are taking you to Costa Rica, there are many reputable internet sites that you can visit to find condos and reviews of them from past tenants. They’re a fairly cheap option, costing around $1200 to $1500 for an entire week, for what you get. Condo owners are generally fairly good landlords, because they visit the property a few times themselves every year, and make sure everything is in working order and kept up. Many condominium complexes also give you access to some great facilities, such as a swimming pool, spa, high speed internet, and parking free of charge. Most also have various security measures, from guards to cameras up so that you can rest easy at night.

Costa Rica Condo Rentals

If you’re a prospective beachfront property owner looking to invest in Costa Rican real estate and use it for a few weeks out of the year, finding a condo to rest is also a good idea. If you won’t be spending a lot of time in the country, condos are definitely a much more practical option than buying sprawling villas in gated communities. They will have lower property taxes, lower upkeep, and will be much easier to find tenants for. Because the Costa Rican real estate market is still expanding, you should be able to get a good return on the property and on renting it and have a great vacation spot to top it all off. If you still want a taste of the good life, there are many luxury condo units available as well. When you’re searching for a condo, a good place to start is the internet, but it’s always a good idea to visit the site first before you sign any papers. Keep in mind a list of all the features you want in your unit, from floor space to beds and baths, whether you want a beachfront condo or not and if you want a balcony or not. Expect to pay around two million to eight million US for a condo, depending on the location and how lavish it is.

Costa Rica condo rentals are great for both the week long vacationer and anyone looking to buy a piece of real estate in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Vacationers get a relatively cheap, safe, clean place to stay for their vacation, while prospective landlords will get access to the upside of a great real estate market, a great place to vacation, and a way to pay for maintenance and upkeep costs. Costa Rica may have become famous for its gated communities and huge villas, but for most people a beachfront condo will be the best option.