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Property Hot Spots Attract Airline

Bangkok Airways are soon to announce their winter schedule and four new routes starting toward the end of October. As well as further expanding it’s regional service, Bangkok Airways are targeting the Andaman Region with new Bangkok-Krabi and Samui-Krabi services.

Samui is Bangkok Airways’ stronghold, due in large part to their exclusive access to the island’s airport which they privately own. As a result, Samui’s growth has been largely attributed to Bangkok Airways and their strong support and promotion of the destination over the years.

Operating Singapore-Samui and Hong Kong-Samui routes has contributed to the growth of the Samui property market through providing easier and quicker access for regional buyers and investors.

Now linking Krabi with flights direct from Samui and Bangkok, the trickle down effect is expected to be seen in Krabi. Not only is Krabi hoping to see increased tourism numbers through more flights to the province and more convenient access, but Krabi burgeoning property market is expecting to see gains too.

In property circles, Krabi has often referred to as part of Great Phuket, which includes Phuket, Phang Nga and Krabi provinces. And now with improved air access from key destinations within Thailand, the expansion and development of Greater Phuket, and Krabi in particular, is expected to gain momentum.