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Property investments in Leipzig

Leipzig was once the wealthiest town in Germany. It was the birthplace for the book and printing industry, and all of the books and paper money were printed here at one time. This enabled the construction of magnificent buildings, which still exist today thanks to the failure of the allies to destroy the city during the second world war.


Being situated in the heart of Europe, just 2 hours drive from Berlin, Leipzig is in an enviable postion to fully exploit the new enlarged European Union. The city has an excellent transport network, with the largest rail hub in Europe, and the intersection of several main moterways. There is a freight airport situated north of the city, where the local Porsche factory ships their special order cars to anywhere in the world. This helped DHL decide to locate their European hub near the city, and also Amazon for their European headquaters.

Leipzig property


In the process of construction is a multi billion euro underground system, which will be a state of the art network for the newly regenerated city centre, and there are a number of major developments in progress, such as a new shopping centre.