Repair My Home

Should I Repair My Home Before I List It?

You may be on the fence as to whether you should list your home now, wait or make repairs/updates first? You might also be nervous thinking you should find a house BEFORE you list yours so you are not homeless or settling for something out of being in panic mode.

The good news is…….I would like to give you some professional advice to help you with your decisions………

Should you list your home now? Yes! People don’t know your home is on the market unless and until it is!

Should you wait? For what? The market is very strong this time of year. Families are putting their kids in schools or changing schools. Rates are still low. Inventory is lower this time of year because there are typically more Buyer’s than Seller’s. Additionally, homes that are on the market are selling much quicker!

Repair My Home

Should you make repairs/updates before you list your home? Depending on the nature of the repair/update you should get professional advice from a Realtor before you spend money fixing up your home for its new owner. Which by the way, may not have the same idea in mind for the repair/remodel in the first place.

Should you find a home before you list yours? NO! If you are in a position to need to sale before you can buy a second home (which a majority of people have to do) then this is valuable time that was lost.

Should you find a home that you fall in love with you will be stuck writing a contingent offer in which case you could lose the house of your dreams should another Buyer come and make an offer without the contingency of having a home to sale first.

Repair My Home

Sellers are hesitant to accept contingent offers in the first place. Additionally, should you get an offer on your home before you find your dream home then you may want to ask for a longer closing (45-60 days). You can write your own contingency upon acceptance of the offer that you get on your home that the Seller finds the home of their choice written into the acceptance of the contract.